Bathrooms Waterproofing

Bathrooms are the major wet areas in the house. The dampness from a leaking bathroom can damage your expensive paints on the wall in the adjacent room and hence can spoil the overall look and feel of your house. The water can seep through the slab and damage painting on a room below. If the bathroom is not waterproofed during the stage of construction, repairing a leaking bathroom is lengthy process and incurs huge costs.

We have Acrylic Cementitious brush applied waterproof coating for bathrooms, kitchen & small roofs. A high performance flexible waterproofing membrane that creates an impermeable waterproof barrier, also bridges small cracks

This product will take care of all leak prone areas of a bathroom like gaps around pipe inserts, water traps; sanitary wares, sunken portion, splash zone, wall-slab junction

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