Integral Waterproofing

Cement by nature shrinks over the time resulting in cracks in plasters and concrete. Water-cement ratio is not maintained at sites causing capillaries to form resulting in leakages and dampness in due course of time.

We supply unique cement additive for plaster / concrete for integral waterproofing

Pidiproof LW+ is a unique cement additive having judicious combination of various selective polymers which work in different manner to give different properties such as;

  • Improved dispersion mechanism leading to water reduction of 6-8%.
  • Increase in compressive strength.
  • Micro structure refinement which reduces permeability.
  • Corrosion resistance

Features and Benefits

  • Waterproofs by filling pores and cutting capillaries
  • Good workability
  • Increases cohesive strength of the mix
  • Delays corrosion
  • Prevents cracking in plaster

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