The first sign of water ingress is often the appearance of damp patches on walls & ceiling. The long term effect of water penetration can damage the internal walls paint.

These could be as a result of; rising dampness from high ground water table, cracks through which rain water seeps inside, seepage from adjoining leaking walls of bathroom and kitchen

You need a specialized treatment to arrest this dampness permanently

We supply heavy duty epoxy waterproofing coating for treating internal damp walls. It Reduces water absorption and permeability

It is a tough and flexible eco-friendly epoxy coating to take care of internal wall dampness

This product can also be used for parapet walls, small water tanks and internal walls exposed to rain or moisture ingress.

We also have a water based epoxy coating for treating internal dampness on walls & ceilings. It can be also used to fill cracks by mixing with white cement & as putty by mixing with OPC or White Cement in high damp areas

Features and Benefits

  • Two-component water dilutable coating with good coverage; economical cost
  • Reduces water absorption & permeability
  • Provides excellent adhesion to all Cementitious substrates
  • Certified for potable water contact by CFTRI, Mysore
  • Excellent resistance to salt water, mild acids, alkalis & soap water

Internal Walls Waterproofing

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